Our Mission

Founded in 1992 by four avid nature lovers, the Society of Friends of the Montreal Biodôme gathers together those who have at heart the preservation of nature and through their membership subscription wish to support the Montreal Biodôme in its mission and activities.


 The awareness and appreciation of the living world and to foster among its members, as well as the general public a consciousness directed to the protection, management and conservation of our natural heritage;

  • Spread, from the Montreal Biodôme resources, knowledge on the ecology and the environment to its members and the general public;
  • Introduce and popularize the various components of the Montreal Biodôme;
  • Collect and manage funds (grants, sponsorships, donations) to ensure better development activities and notoriety of the Montreal Biodôme;
  • Operate as appropriate on the behalf of the Montreal Biodôme, some public services.


Examples of collaboration where the Friends of the Montréal Biodôme is involved:


The Biodôme Day Camps

The Day Camps allow young nature lovers to enjoy a variety of educational activities related to the natural sciences. Excursions, sports activities, games and outings complete this fun as well as instructive program.

Birding Festival

Using a custom made identification guide and with the assistance of our ornithologist animators, students can find a wide variety of species of birds in the Biodôme’s ecosystems.

The Jellyfish Basin

Construction of a new aquatic space to present marine invertebrates and see the almost unknown species of our beautiful St. Lawrence.

The project SEM’AIL (Wild Garlic)

To support a project for the conservation and restoration of wild garlic , which in 1995 became the first officially designated vulnerable species in Quebec.

The sound inventory of bats

To support a research project. Four of the eight species living in Quebec are likely to be threatened.

The conservation project ginseng

This project proposes to develop and implement detailed plans for the protection and recovery of 20 ginseng sites of interest along with owners.